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-Serving Southern Oregon and Northern California with your bulk vermiculture and worm casting fertilizer needs.

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East Fork Ranch, is located at the base of the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon, a few miles from the California border. It is the home of a Koala Bear Naturals, East Fork Llamas, and East Fork WORM FARM. Our worms are predominantly red wriggler composting specialists, with a few wild "bulldozer" types as well. They turn our beds of manure and straw into very rich castings.

Worms are an organic gardener's friend. They aerate the soil, mix the soil layers, improve drainage, turn organic matter into readily available nutrients, and boost beneficial microorganism activity. Worm castings are a high impact soil amendment that will feed your plants and flowers. They can be used as a planting medium or as as fertilizer or for supplemental teas, including bloom tea. Worms are also the perfect complement to "no till" garden beds.

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Vermiculture Starter Mix -Our mix is a fantastic way to add worms of all ages, and eggs ready to hatch to your new "worm bed", or to your garden beds, or garden containers. Our worms are sent in their natural habitat, with no traumatic harvest process. Mix consists of mature castings teeming with red worms and their viable eggs, and beneficial microbials; over 2 lbs of starter mix is rolled into each moist newspaper "log", or packet. The vermiculture starter will serve as both fertilizer and as the start of your own worm colony. Introduce worms once to your gardens, and as long as you continue with organic gardening, periodically introducing additional organic matter,the worms will thrive. Introduce worm packets to your compost or garbage pile for efficiant composting. When your starter mix arrives, scrape a depression in your garden bed or compost pile or tub, where you intend to plant each colony. Tear open the newspaper log, dump it's contents into the depression, and cover with the newspaper as mulch,or cover with soil, and your worms and eggs will settle in. Recommend 1 -2 packets or "logs" per tree-sized container, 2 or more per garden bed (8 x 10). The vermiculture starter mix is considered a live product. We ship the live vermiculture starter mix on Mondays only and by Priority U.S. Mail. These live shipments are independent of Koala Bear Natural shipments. We will notify you by email as to when to expect your shipment. Your live shipment should not be left in a hot mailbox, and should be introduced into the garden beds when you receive them. currently in season and available


4-pack of vermiculture starter logs: (4 logs with over 2 lbs ea. of vermiculture starter mix, totaling over 9 lbs starter mix)


Live Castings -live moist castings containing viable red worm eggs, beneficial microbials, readily available nutrients. Plant them in your garden beds and allow eggs to hatch, or use as fertilizer or teas. currently available

3 Gallons total of moist live castings

Bulk Casting Tea Mix - dry sifted castings with mixing instructions for growth and flowering nutritional supplement.available

Almost 1/2 a cubic foot, or almost 4 gallons of dry mix.

*Bulk Bagged Items*

Vermiculture Starter Mix - 1.33 cu. Ft bag of mature castings loaded with worms and eggs. suitable for both fertilizer and introducing your own worm helpers. Also suitable as an excellent planting medium for raised beds, gardens, large container gardening.

email to arrange for pick up, delivery or shipment


Fresh Moist Castings - 1.33 cu. ft. bag of mature castings loaded with nutrients, containing thousands of viable worm eggs, and beneficial microbes. Suitable for both fertilizer, and growing medium for gardens, raised beds, container gardening, flower food, bloom tea.

email to arrange for pick up, delivery, or shipment


Dry Sifted Castings - 1.33 cu. ft. aged, dry sifted, aged castings. suitable as fertilizer, growing medium or tea mix.

email to arrange for pick up, delivery, or shipment




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